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Highlight Course Benefits

Perhaps your visitors are looking for a career change, a promotion, or to start their own business. Talk about the benefits your course provides in a way that resonates with hopes and dreams of your target audience!

Show the Transformation

Many course sales pages just talk about how the course will apply in real life. Use these modules to show imagery and or copy that gives visitors real examples of how the course has been applied in students lives.

The most powerful testimonials are those that address the dreams, hesitations, objections and fears visitors may have when they’re reading the sales page. Identify those elements and testimonials will provide more trust than random quotes.



What are You Teaching that They Want to Learn?

Use these modules to give visitors a summary of what they’re going to learn.

Benefits and Features

Balance both benefits and feature in these modules rather than just one or the other.

Cite Industry Stats

You might also highlight industry statistics that backup the need for your course.

Use Numbers & Data

Where you can, use numbers and data to help sell the need for your course.

Not Too Much Info

Six modules should be enough to cover the big picture benefits.

Slow Visitors Down

When you present too much information in the same format, people skim faster.

Enable Skimming

You want to enable skimming, while also presenting big benefits in a readable format.

Courrrse Process

Most students are curious about how long it takes to complete a course, or what steps are involved.

Step 1

Search for your course

Step 2

Take a Sample Lesson

You can use this section of your sales page to outline sections of the courses content, timing to complete or other milestones.

Another option for this section is to step visitors through the transformation they will experience after they take the class.

Step 3

Search for your course

Step 4

Take a Sample Lesson

When you think about content for this section, ask yourself what information about the course needs to be broken down into a process.

Play Up Your Instructor’s Expertise

What’s just as important as the content being taught, is the person teaching it!

John Doe

Expert at Your Course Topic

Jack Doe

Knows Everything about Topic

Sally Doe

Has Industry Experience

Jane Doe

Built Business in This Industry

Course Plans and Pricing

Test offering tiered pricing to see how it affects conversions!


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  • Unlimited Course Access

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